About St. John’s Workshop

St. John’s Workshop specializes in the production of hand crafted gessoed icon boards, but also supplies churches with furniture, accessories, and coffins. We’re located in rural south west Wisconsin and try to source all our raw materials locally, working with nearby sawmills to obtain the best quality lumber. Started as an attempt to bring work to the parish community and encourage a more community-oriented way of life, the business has grown to support a mission priest with a growing family, who runs the business full-time. He seeks to devote more time to ministerial work, but is in need of a skilled individual who can share the work-load of the business. For employment information, click here.

Boards from St. John's Workshop

Our Mission

It is our mission at St. John’s Workshop to provide only the highest quality products with the highest quality service. Hand-painted icons are meant to be treasured for generations and church furnishings are meant to uplift and encourage our souls to seek Heaven. All our products are made with this end in mind. Most professionals and students of iconography who have used our boards esteem them as the best available. We take pride in our profession knowing that you will notice the difference.


Orders are usually ready to ship within two to eight weeks depending on our order volume. Please let us know if time is an issue however, as we often can accommodate. Sometimes we have standard sizes in stock as well. Custom ordering is especially welcome!

Working at St. John's Workshop