Our Business

St. John’s Workshop specializes in the production of hand crafted gessoed icon boards, but also supplies churches with furniture, accessories, and coffins. We’re located in rural south west Wisconsin and try to source all our raw materials locally, working with nearby sawmills to obtain the best quality lumber. Most professionals and students of iconography who have used our boards esteem them as the best available.

Our Ministry

St. John’s Workshop is not an ordinary small business, but a means of supporting a ministry. Ministry has been the goal from its beginning. Originally, it was to provide means for members of our church to live and share the same work place. Now it has grown to support a mission priest, Fr. Dimitri and his family as well as some other members of his church. Fr. Dimitri serves two missions, with neither providing much if any income, and even the business income is not sufficient without his full-time dedication. His ministry at both churches is inhibited by his need for employment. He has many goals for his ministry and is seeking to achieve them.

Some of Our Goals

  1. Beautifying both missions.
  2. Offering more church services.
  3. Offering adult classes.
  4. Starting a regular children’s ministry.
  5. Developing both mission websites.
  6. Hiring another full-time employee to free up Fr. Dimitri’s time.
  7. Reaching out to the local communities to bring others into the Faith.
  8. Founding a cemetery to serve both missions and other nearby churches.


Given that the business is necessary for the well-being of Fr. Dimitri’s family and others, one might expect it to develop a mercenary attitude. This however is not the case. Fr. Dimitri sees it as an extension of his ministry and believes in the importance of providing high quality craftsmanship and irreproachable customer service for the sake of others. You can help him either by donating or by ordering your iconography supplies, furnishings and accessories for your church, or various items for your home. By supporting St. John’s Workshop, you will be partnering in a ministry, vicariously serving others in the name of Christ.