Our ministry starts with a call to everyone to abandon materialism and struggle against everything inside ourselves that separates us from communion with our Lord Jesus Christ. We encourage everyone to attend services as often as possible and to avail themselves of the spiritual medicine the Church provides. After every Liturgy we enjoy a common meal, fellowship, and the reading and discussion of spiritually profitable material.


We consider one of the most important areas of our ministry to be helping in the formation of our children. Most often, it is in the form of Sunday school or fun activities, but Fr. Dimitri would like to expand it to include field trips, camps, and classes.

Help Us

Our activities are limited by Fr. Dimitri’s need for employment as he receives very little financial aid. Patronizing our business is helpful on this level, but even more helpful would be pledging monthly donations here to help Fr. Dimitri hire extra help so he can be free to build this ministry.

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