Our Vision

Our vision consists of a village of small homes, placed in fairly close proximity to a community building and chapel. The village would be located next to the site of St. John’s Workshop in rural Blue River, Wisconsin. Our first goal is to raise money to build the common building. Then we would like to build small homes and a dedicated chapel.


There are many purposes to this plan. Those in the community would live physically close together, making it easy to drop in and say hello to anyone living there. The church would be next door as would the primary building used for community activities making them both always convenient. Rent from homes would support the village priest, allowing him to devote all his energies to ministering and organizing community activities. We would like this village to be an opportunity for any interested Christian to live temporarily or permanently and be part of a life-filled community that is a source of inspiration and replaces the modern life-style.


Many might raise the question, “what job opportunities are there in the area?” Our answer is that there are many opportunities, but we believe it is important to make living a community life-style the first priority, then work everything else around it. Finding employment is a serious need, but there are always options especially if we are creative. Our ideal is that the majority of villagers would work together in what work they find, and this does not exclude outside jobs. As far as jobs within the village are concerned, there are currently two job positions in St. John’s Workshop, which would be right next door to the village. The village would have land that could be farmed and gardened by an interested person who could potentially make enough just from that to live. Those with skills such as construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. could work outside the village, but maybe employ others from the village. There are work-at-home jobs that can be found. Living costs will be low as our homes will be small and the rent will be low. One of the prerequisites of deciding to live in this kind of village is to give up material pursuit, and be content with a simpler and slower life, one that allows us to focus on the most important goal in life: a loving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.



Usual group activities would be singing, games, reading, gardening/farming, and many others that would depend on who is living here. There would be organized schooling and additional activities specially for the children including sports.

Help Us

We need donors that can help us build this village. If you think you can help us, contact us! If you would like to simply donate to this cause, you may do so below. If you would like to pledge a monthly amount to help us, go here and upon your pledge, we will keep you updated on where we are in the process of building this village.

All photos shown on this page are conceptual images.